The goal of Hospice is to provide care for people who are terminally ill and to manage their pain and other symptoms.

    There are specific criteria for Hospice eligibility for a variety of conditions, including:

    • ALS

    • Alzheimer's/Dementia

    • Cancer

    • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    • Diabetes

    • Kidney (Renal) Disease

    • And Others...

  • Focus on the continuous, integrated health care process that a patient/family experience across all aspects of hospice care.

  • Incorporate outcome-orientated quality assessment and performance improvement.

  • Facilitate flexibility in how the Hospice meets performance expectations.

Job Description for Registered Nurse (RN)

March 19, 2019


A registered nurse provides professional skilled nursing services to patients with end stage life-threatening illnesses in the home according to the relevant standards.

Duties and Responsibilites

  1. Provides nursing care to patients through regularly scheduled weekday, weekend or after hours visits as assigned.
  2. Reflects sensitivity to special needs of clients from diverse cultures as these needs apply to dying, quality of life and end of life decision-making and dilemmas.
  3. Collaborates with members of the hospice team in designing effective and cost-efficient care in the home.
  4. Systematically collects data that are comprehensive, accurate, continuous and current.
  5. Effectively applies current knowledge of pain and symptom management interventions.
  6. Understands, facilitates and documents the elements and processes of ethical decision making for clients and families.
  7. Continuously updates and adjusts care via documented nursing actions which are consistent with nursing practice, recognized nursing theories and established knowledge.
  8. Supervises Home Health Aide in carrying out the established plan of care and evaluates the effectiveness of the services.
  9. Teaches and counsels patient and family members regarding nursing care, emotional needs, and end of life issues/decisions.
  10. Participates in volunteer training and support groups, bereavement support groups, memorial services and other community programs as requested.
  11. Participates in agency educational opportunities and in-services.
  12. Performs other responsibilities relevant to the position as requested.


  1. Registration as professional nurse in New Jersey.
  2. One year of experience as an RN.
  3. Possession of a car and a valid driver’s license.
  4. Availability and ability to be on-call on a regular rotating basis.

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